You Do You

Be you, do you, for you.

We live in a society where they think they know the best not only for themselves but also for others. They have their own set of rules to measure what is “normal” and “not”, to give you a sense of which one is acceptable and which one is not. In the end, they love to put judgment toward our attitude and make us feel bad about ourselves, while actually, we are not. We tend to hide in a shadow, we try our best to be fit in our society and if we are not we simply wear a mask... a mask that you always put on & put off depends on who’s the person we face.

Sadly, sometimes we have to hide our true selves from the person who supposedly being very close to us. We hide to make them feel good about our surroundings. We can’t just be blunt & naked in front of them for the sake to make them feel happy or simply, not disappointed. Well, we are living in a trap, especially when we live in a country where everyone loves to rule each other’s lives. And unfortunately, somehow we don’t have any other choice than to follow the rules. Because, simply we, humans, don’t like to feel “left-out” and “weird”.

I wrote this, to myself and to people who think they will be labeled as “bad” if they show their true selves to others. It’s a note about accepting your strengths and flaws, whether those flaws are self-identified or just things that you’re perfectly happy about but that other people seem to have a problem with. I wrote this for people like me, who just want to do their own thing and stop caring about how their desires, motivations, opinions, and decisions are being questioned and judged by others.

I wrote this for all of us who feel pressured to follow rules, meet expectations & fulfill obligations. Being yourself should be the easiest thing in the world. So instead of trying to change you, let’s celebrate what it means to be you. Appreciate yourself! It’s the f*ckin time. Just remember one rule, just be you as long as you don’t cause harm to other people.

I know, to accept you for who you are will be homework that you’d never finished. It’s a long way process, but let’s start by doing mental redecorating. Well, it requires only two steps; a. identify your weakness, which the term “weakness” itself sounds “judgy”.. let’s called it “your thing” then and b. refresh the way you look at or deal with them. Just remember, nothing wrong with being “you”. Well, again... it’s not that easy. We are humans too afraid of being judged by others, feel upset, mad, or disappointed at something or someone. At the very least, we could get rid of that issues with ourselves, find some ways to decrease the feeling of that uneasiness. And find comfort in the things that could entertain us.

However, it’s not a bad thing to look “fine” in front of people. In other words, we want to present the best version of ourselves to them. When it feels like we could get rid of that inconvenience feeling, the upgraded version of you will make the greatest comeback and you can roll out your own “red carpet”.




Just a grateful woman. Contact:

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Nurusshobah Ainul Izzah

Nurusshobah Ainul Izzah

Just a grateful woman. Contact:

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