What If We Don’t Have Tomorrow

We never knew where the future would take us and when we would stop living in this world, or when the time would stop ticking

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This is the value that I am always guided by and that I strive for. In my journey, I could say that this is my way of believing. Below are some reasons that becoming filter to think and act if I don’t have tomorrow.

1. That’s why I don’t promise I can’t make

I look at a promise like a debt. It has to be kept, otherwise, it becomes a lie. At least, I made a list of the promises I made in case I forget them in the future, because it’s normal to forget what you said, and the list can help me remember what I said.

Before I make a promise, I doubt whether I can keep it or whether I am just telling another lie. Committing myself to the words I promised should be the first filter I go through. I need to make sure that I can keep the promise in the future. Sometimes we cannot keep the promises we have made. If I cannot keep my promise because the situation or anything does not allow it, I wish to be forgiven and apologize.

2. That’s why I always try to be 100%

In every task I do, I always do my best. I don’t want to regret things. Even if sometimes I am too hard on myself. At that moment, I realize that I have a limit. It should be 100%, not 101%.

Perhaps, these past few months I have been struggling to achieve one of my goals. I have spent a lot of tears, money, effort, thoughts, to get results that I don’t even know yet. I believe I have to still do my best, the result should be the bonus, and how I could get there should be the goal!

3. That’s why I trust my gut

This is important. With every decision I’ve made, I’ve always asked myself. Is it good? Can we deal with the consequences? Does it fill my heart with goodness or does it just lead me into another black hole?

I also believe that our heart leads us to the world that fills us. When I listen to Gus Baha’s lecture, he is one of the mentors I follow, since my dad told me a lot about him. He said that God shines a light on us and transmits it through our hearts. So bring yourself close to Him, and He will guide you and whisper the best way into your heart.

4. That’s why I always try to be good and right

The only reason we need to be a good person is that being a bad person is a waste of time. I believe that this attitude means that you are investing in your future. If you are good, it brings you good. But if you are bad, it also leads you to bad things. Be good and save your time.

But just being good is not enough. You also have to be right. There are so many good people, but they don’t do the right things. They just follow the water that flows through them. Even if they know that the path leads to hell, they are still good.

For example, if you know your friend is doing something bad, but you don’t want to argue with them, you let them do it and help them hide it and you didn’t remind them that what they are doing is wrong. Is that what a friend is for? Because we are friends, shouldn’t we remind each other?
It’s not good. You have to be on the side of good, and you have to be in the right place. That way, you not only maintain integrity and sincerity but also save yourself from the eternal vicious circle.

5. That’s why I’m surrounding myself with good people

I can’t categorize people. I never knew who was good and who was bad. People have their own reasons for doing things. What I do is put myself in people’s shoes. If I know we don’t have the same frequency, then it’s time to be a friend. But if I feel comfortable and have a good vibe together, then I’m the one they can count on.

I keep my circle small. I have the goal, “Wherever I go, I have at least one friend.”. But I don’t close my eyes to others. I stay humble with people because it’s always good. We are social beings. You never know what the future holds. Stay humble and let the best you can.

6. Mindfulness

Living in the moment. Mindfulness. The basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. While mindfulness is something we all naturally possess, it’s more readily available to us when we practice on a daily basis.

In Islam, the term is muqarabah. Muqarabah is a condition in which a person’s soul feels that we, as a servant, is always being watched by Allah SWT. Muraqabah is not only done to get peace but also as a form of servitude. We need to worship Allah by doing things that are fard and sunnah. The point is to be focused and aware, state clearly what your intentions are, and dedicate yourself 100% to feeling what you are thinking right now.

7. That’s why I’m living with my precious now time

Life can be unpredictable but we must learn to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. Being grateful and appreciating what you have doesn’t mean you can’t chase your dreams. There is something to thankful for. Family, friends, love, are the essential parts of life that make it worth living and working hard for.

Since my father passed away, I’ve been aware of how precious time is right now. Therefore, for all of you who still have complete parents, be grateful, love them 100%, wish them the best, you still have two people who are always on your side, giving encouragement and praying for you.

8. That’s why I am writing

This message from me will remain forever (as long as the medium is running). You can read my story, though you can never see me. Never mind.



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